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November 4, 2013 / Al-Kafiye Project, News / 0 Comments

ReemReem Bassous is a Lebanese artist currently residing in Hawaii. Her mixed media approach attempts to translate her experience under sectarian strife into a stabilized visual form. Drawing, painitng and burning onto paper and canvas formulate her explorations of the socio-political tensions that condition everyday life in Lebanon. Bassous interplays customary and contemporary Arabic images set against a seemingly unpredictable surface while the underlying grid asserts itself to achieve order amongst religious icons and blurred ecollections. Read More →

Kafiye Project Posters and Postcards part of the Global Positioning System (So You Want a Revolution) Art Show in New York City

Global_Positioning_Systems_So_You_Want_a_RevolutionThis exhibition explores themes of translation, cross-global movement, displacement, multiculturalism and hybrid identities. We investigate the idea that the world is dissolving and re-congealing around the ability of people to communicate across borders, be in multiple places at once and create a non-linear movement space. The artists function as GPS devices, orbiting the globe and sending signals back to various locations, both geographical and virtual.
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KAFLAB at IMPACT! Design For Social Change Workshop July 9 2012 in NYC

IMPACT! Design for Social Change is a 6 week summer intensive project that introduces participants to the growing field of design for social advocacy. The non-profit world is seeking new ways to support their constituencies.

To remain competitive, corporations are looking for innovation and impact in the area of social change as it relates to their business.

More information about the program can be found here.