Kafiye Project Posters and Postcards part of the Global Positioning System (So You Want a Revolution) Art Show in New York City

Global_Positioning_Systems_So_You_Want_a_RevolutionThis exhibition explores themes of translation, cross-global movement, displacement, multiculturalism and hybrid identities. We investigate the idea that the world is dissolving and re-congealing around the ability of people to communicate across borders, be in multiple places at once and create a non-linear movement space. The artists function as GPS devices, orbiting the globe and sending signals back to various locations, both geographical and virtual.

The artists in this exhibition revolt against traditional ways of being and seeing, transforming medium and process in an attempt to challenge the status quo. By abstracting language, they ask us to see the world differently via translational processes. By presenting us with challenging visual environments and distortions, as well as abstracted language patterns, they force us to see beyond the surface of the work as well as the paradigms and cultures it represents.

Through the exploration of transient identities, these artists’ consciousness traverses the planet, bringing to light experiences of the transitory and ephemeral elements of human existence. Their collective body of work suggests that it is precisely this tidal movement that leads to revolution.

Gabriela Alva Cal y Mayor. Azhar Chougle. Sonia Louise Davis. Sinem Disli. Sandra Erbacher. Sophia Hadjipapa-Gee. Sarra Idris. Rebecca Kinsey. Kerry Ann Lee. Pooneh Maghazehe. Hala A. Malak. Eto Otitigbe. Paolo Piscitelli. Paul Seftel. Caridad Sola. Siddhartha Tawadey. Justin Randolph Thompson. Eddie Villanueva.


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