KAFLAB presented Kafiye workshop at Beirut Design Week 2012

In this workshop, creatives, designers and/or artists from multi-disciplinary backgrounds (Graphic design; Product design; New Media, Art; Illustration, Photography etc) were guided to explore the Kafiye Design and take it into creative new dimensions. By providing insights on the history og the Kafiye (where the design originated from and tracing its journey until today), workshop participants analyzed this powerful design and explored its creative potential in a new context.

The workshop was an online workshop organized by KAFLAB foundation with a focus on its first pilot project: Al-Kafiye, a story of design and identity. It was conducted online by Hala A. available domains Malak (NYC) and Tarek Atrissi (Netherlands) through a series of online briefings, project revies and e-communication with the rest of the workshop participants.

Workshop length: 1 week, with 3 online sessions to review concepts and work-in-progress.


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