In Transit: A contemporary art and design exhibition

In transit of/or relating to something in transit

Oct 2 – Oct 3, 2014 hosted by the Consul General of Lebanon in New York

The Consul General of Lebanon in New York, Majdi Ramadan, in collaboration with Kaflab present
In Transit: A contemporary art and design exhibition featuring Lebanese emerging artists curated by Hala A. Malak
October 2-3, 2014 (hours Thursday 6-9pm; Friday 4-8pm)
Residence of the Consul General at 9 E 76th St., NY, NY 10021


In Transit covers a timely subject that deals with movement, transition and metamorphosis. Starting from a literal translation of the concept, which maps our current fleeting commute journeys: trains, buses, cars, planes, bikes and more mark our commutes within cities, to/from places, the concept transcends borders to focus on the momentary resonance implied in our current life. Issues of identity, travel, transience, belonging, impermanence, humanity, death and life can be drawn and discussed.

We have invited 12 Lebanese artists and designers to express their points of view on metamorphosis and transit. Adding the layer of home and belonging only makes the show richer and raises concepts that relate to the fleeting plight of the Lebanese who are constantly in motion, mentally and physically.

In Transit tells a coming of age story that is as significant today as it is ephemeral. Opening remarks by HE Majdi Ramada, Consul General of Lebanon in New York.


Oussamah Ghandour
Chadi Younes
Muhyi Sadek
Marianna Zoghbi
Rhea Karam
Tony Khoueiry
Karim Al Dahdah
Gab Ferneine
Reem Bassous
Tarek Atrissi
Sandra Tomb
Eli Souaiby


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  • Date: 10/02/2014
  • Categories: Exhibition